The Perch circular walk


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approximate time 3 hours 0 minutes
approximate distance 6 miles
best time of day to walk Anytime
startpoint The Perch pub
endpoint The Perch pub

The Perch circular walk


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Start at the Perch Pub (accessed via Binsey Lane, off Botley Road, Oxford). Walk towards the river then walk with the river on your right for about a mile and a half until you go past a lock and reach Godstow nunnery (ruins) on your left. Join the main road here. You can stop for a nice drink at the Trout pub. Then carry on towards Wolvercote village, but when you reach a car park on your right, after about five minute, go across the car park and onto beautiful Port Meadow. Dogs love to chase the geese here!

Walk back towards Oxford (dreaming spires ahead of you...) with the river on your right. As you near a small marina of boats, you can either head into Oxford itself (go left here) or go over a small wooden bridge and continue with the river on your right for another mile or so until you reach the Botley Road (the route I have mapped).

Walk down the road for about five minutes until you reach Binsey Lane, then take the lane back as far as the pub. There is a nice pick your own on Binsey Lane if you are hungry and fruit is in season! Also duck for the flying golf balls from the driving range.

If you still have some energy in your legs, you can add another mile or so at the end by continuing through Binsey Village to the historic old church St Margaret's. Not only are there pigmy goats outside (very cute) but the church is home to Alice In Wonderland's Treacle Well. It's a dead-end, so you have to come back down the lane to the pub... and a well-earned drink (nice garden).

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a pub walk
dog swimming hole
lots of dog walkers
a circular walk
by a river

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